Free Urban Forestry Today Webinar: Insect Pests in the Landscape

Tawny Simisky, UMass Extension Entomologist, will discuss the frequently seen insect pests of trees & shrubs in the landscape during the 2020 growing season. This presentation will provide tips and tricks for diagnosing insects in the field as well as cover their biology and management. Attend live & receive free ISA CEUs.

An Intro to Mapping & Spatial Data Applications for Arborists

Join Dr. Forrest Bowlick, Univ of Massachusetts, on Thurs Dec 03 at 12pm (EST) for the 'Urban Forestry Today' broadcast as he introduces and outlines the science and practice of digital map-making and spatial techniques for arborists & urban foresters.  Attend live & receive Free ISA/MCA CEU's by registering onlineOR by visiting & entering Webinar ID: 193-492-139

Urban Forestry Today Webinar: Diseases of Landscape Trees

Join Nick Brazee, PhD, & Cameron McIntire, PhD, as they discuss tree-related diseases of importance that arborists & urban foresters may encounter during the 2021 growing season. Special discussion will be given to diseases of conifers, including Eastern White Pine. Attend live & receive Free ISA/MCA CEU's, click here OR visit: & enter: 832-211-195 @ Noon (Eastern). ​This LIVE BROADCAST is free and will offer the opportunity…

Urban Forestry Today Webinar: Summer Tree Summit

Join Dr. Dave Nowak, USDA Forest Service, as he contextualizes current urban forestry research by re-visiting our roots, and highlighting our next discoveries in this expanded 2-hr presentation-discussion about the "state of our urban forests".The fee for this LIVE BROADCAST is $10.00 USD & certified arborists in attendance will have the opportunity to earn 2.0 ISA/1.0 MCA CEUs. Pre-register to attend by clicking here or by…


Urban Forestry Today Webinar: Insect Pests of the Landscape

Join renowned Professor and Entomologist, Mike Raupp, Ph.D., University of Maryland, as he summarizes the insect pests of our urban landscapes that were present in the 2021 growing season. ​To attend this Free Broadcast and receive 1.0 ISA/MCA CEUs at no-cost, click here OR visit and enter 138-621-779

Urban Forestry Today Webinar: Wildlife Management in Urban Forests & Landscapes

From birds to mammals like squirrels, raccoons and deer, arborists & urban foresters encounter a variety of wildlife species. Thurs Nov 04 at Noon (Eastern) join Dr. Paul Curtis, Cornell University, as he discusses appropriate strategies to manage and reduce urban human-wildlife conflicts on the 'Urban Forestry Today' broadcast.  Attend live & receive Free ISA/MCA CEUs by clicking here or by & entering: 905-049-091 ​

Climate Change & Urban Trees: What does the future hold?

Noonhour (Eastern) webcast series from Univ. of Massachusetts Dr. Leslie Brandt, USDA Forest Service & Madeline Baroli, NIACS, will join the 'Urban Forestry Today' Noonhour (Eastern) webcast on Thurs Feb 03 to discuss how a changing climate may impact the future of our urban forests.  Attend live & receive Free ISA/MCA CEUs by clicking here or by visiting & entering: 905-049-355


Urban Forestry Today Webinar: Protection & Management of Mature Urban Trees

​ Join Dr. Kevin Smith, USDA FS, as he outlines how trees grow & mature with the potential to increase  environmental benefits, and real-world strategies to protect and manage larger, mature trees in the urban landscape.  2.0 ISA CEU with live broadcast. Questions?