MATC Apprenticeship Update: A Recap of Spring Semester and a Look Forward to Fall 2022

Fall Schedule
The fall schedule for classes has been set, and your apprentices have access to their personal
schedules through self service. The easiest way for you as the employer to get your apprentices’
schedules is to ask them directly. All apprentices receive training on their first day of classes as
to how to access and read their class schedules. Please feel free to call or email me with any
questions. You will notice that each individual cohort is confined to a specific day of the week
for instruction. This, along with reducing the number of in-person classes via online work and
block scheduling is designed to make classes as least intrusive as possible to your work

New Cohort Starting this Fall
A new cohort has been scheduled to start this upcoming fall semester. The cohort will meet on
Mondays, for 8 weeks between 10/24 – 12/12. Unlike last year, we will only be starting one new
cohort this year, which means that the sooner you sign your employee’s contract with the
Department of Workforce Development, the better chance you have of securing a spot in the
new cohort. As soon as an employee’s contract has been signed, they will be enrolled in the
new cohort. For help with the process of signing a new contract, please reach out to your
assigned apprenticeship training representative.

Spring Recap
This past spring was another successful semester of apprenticeship training at MATC. MATC ran
the following 7 courses this Spring: 511, 512, 513, 518, 519, 522, 523. For a quick description of
these courses follow this link. MATC continues to strive to provide top notch training and
This spring semester was heavily geared towards hands-on climbing and pruning classes. With
two first year cohorts, there was a total of 16 days of climbing and pruning instruction. The
second year cohort focused on tree identification, as well as tree risk assessment. The third year
cohort wrapped up their time at MATC with a capstone course, as well as a plant health care
course, which included them sitting to take the DATCP 3.0 Turf and Landscape Certification test.
The semester finished up with one of the first year cohorts taking an equipment class, which involved training on everything from chainsaw maintenance, stump grinding, aerial lift operation, and more.

Additional Information
● Federal Grant Money for Registered Apprentices: Registered apprentices that began their program within a specific time frame may qualify for up to $600 reimbursement for supportive services such as tools, work clothing, and books. For more information, have your apprentices contact their instructor who will guide them to the appropriate contact within the Department of Workforce Development.

MATC Apprenticeship Instructor’s Contact Information
Elton Rogers
Lead Instructor for State Registered
Arborist Apprenticeship Program
Board Certified Master Arborist
(262) 236-5512

Johanna O’Boyle
Part Time Instructor for State Registered
Arborist Apprenticeship Program
ISA Certified Arborist