2019 Tree Climbing Competition Recap

2019 TCC Competitors Cropped

Is a tree climbing competition (TCC) just a competition—a structured and timed group of individual events for the registered climbers—or is it so much more than that? I have found that, here in Wisconsin as well as in other chapter competitions I have attended, the participants are friendly and passionate. Some come to hone their…

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Dutch Elm Disease (DED) Resistant Elm Species and Cultivars

Emerald Sunshine Elm

When it comes to street trees, many of us “older and wiser” folks remember driving down a residential street surrounded by a canopy of American elm trees. However, back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, arborists started removing thousands of dead elms, including my Detroit, Michigan street tree. This moment was a pivotal point…

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Trees for Bees

Trees For Bees Featured Image

Why should we care about bees? Bees provide significant benefits to us, including pollination of our fruit and vegetable plants. Honeybees make honey that is a delicacy in any kitchen. Introduced honeybees are responsible for pollinating over $10 billion worth of U.S. food crops each year. Wisconsin has over 400 species of native bees that…

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