Building Tomorrow’s Skilled Arborists

Arboriculture Apprenticeships

Offer Apprenticeships

Looking to expand your team with skilled Arboriculture team members? Signup to offer apprenticeships with your company and you will turn a new employee without Arboriculture experience into a skilled team member.

Check out the FAQ booklet for more details. To get started, contact the Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards, which oversees the Arborist Apprenticeship program.

View this recorded webinar to learn more about Wisconsin's Arborist Apprenticeship program!

Apply to be an Arboriculture Apprentice

Start your career and build your skillset through the Arborist Apprenticeship program. Apprentices work, train and earn a paycheck from day 1. In just 3 years = 6440 hours you will become a Journeyworker Arborist. 

How to get started: First, find the companies offering apprenticeships. Second, apply directly to the company. 

90% Hands-on career training

Practical on-the-job learning directly from your employer. There are 9 main areas of Arboriculture you will experience on-the-job

An education

10% classroom. Check out the Apprenticeship Classes being offered at MATC-Mequon and Mid State Technical College starting in the fall of 2020. Seats may fill up quickly, so now is the time to enroll. On the job training can start prior to classroom instruction.

A career

Once you complete your apprenticeship, you will be on your way to a successful long-term career with competitive wages.

National Industry Certification

Upon completion, you become a Journeyworker Arborist! You sign a contract with your employer and the State of Wisconsin.

Hands-on Career Training

There are 9 main areas of Arboriculture you will experience on-the-job.

  • Adhere to ANSI and employer safety standards for all work (500 hours)

  • Perform Plant Health Care diagnostics (300 hours)

  • Perform Rigging on the ground and aloft (500 hours)

  • Access Trees (900 hours)

  • Operate a chainsaw on the ground and aloft.  (750 hours)

  • Operate a chipper. (300 hours)

  • Prune trees and shrubs from the ground and aloft, according to current ANSI A300standards.(1000 hours)

  • Remove trees and shrubs. (750 hours)

  • Optional Work Processes (1000 hour)